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What is a Online Social Casino? is a Social Casino gaming platform and follows the trend of the times. Of course, there are also advantages and disadvantages with a social online game. Whereby the advantages outweigh by far.

The advantages of a social online game
The game on is completely free. It is not played for real money. The risk of gaming addiction is minimal here. There is also no risk of ruining yourself through unreasonable gaming practice on The social component is very high in the games on this gaming platform - the aim of is to play together with many friends and acquaintances. Leaderboards trigger a competition with other players. This creates a certain tension in the game. In legal terms, social online games are not a gray area, as they do not fall under gambling when viewed closely, as the real money component and thus the financial profit component are missing Also in a Online Social Casino game there are typical online casino games such as poker, bingo and others. has almost the same offer as an online online game.

The disadvantages of the social online games
Since a Online Social Casino game does not have any real money offers, there are no bonuses here. Anyone who was planning to win money on the side is wrong on Here there is no incentive that makes playing in an online casino game so enthusiastic that you can earn or lose a large amount of money.

Conclusion: offers a lot of fun without registration and without the risk of uncontrolled losing real money.

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